Formed in 2018. Inbrico was the result of one mans dedication and experience within the tiling industry. Using his extensive experience, Jamie wanted to provide a more rounded and simple approach for his customers.

‘Instead of going through several supply and fitters to find good quality products and tradesman, why not just use one company?..’

“I found myself constantly guiding my customers and advising them not only what tiles look the best but the accompanying products that would provide them with great durability. It very quickly became my second job and I found myself being, not only the installer but also the heart of most of my projects acting as a subject matter expert.

 it became quite frustrating to see customers not getting the best deals on the high street when they shopped around. I saw a gap in the market that I could fill. Why not provide the tiles to the customers? That way I can make sure everything we sell is high quality and I can do that leg work for them.

 I travelled the country in my search for high-quality tiles, I met with the leading manufacturers of tiles and adhesives, I watched; learning and understanding the process from start to finish. I hand selected a portfolio of tiles and adhesives which you can now purchase directly from our store. We have done the hard work and can promise every tile we list is of the highest quality and the best price we can find on the highstreet.” Jamie Brackett, Director